Heavy Weight Boot Sock

$ 30.00

Product Description:   Heavy-Weight and warm with extra terry cushion to keep your feet comfortable and dry. Boot socks are made to fit higher than a crew sock, just below the knee. Great for outdoor sports or activities or for every day use. These durable boot socks are made with a large percent of alpaca fiber (72% alpaca, 26% nylon, 2% elastic) offering what alpaca fiber is known for – wicking moisture away while keeping your feet dry and toasty warm. Wash in cold water.


  • Small (sock size 9 – 11) Fits women shoe size 6-8 1/2
  • Medium (sock size 11-13) Fits women shoe size 8 1/2 and up and men shoe size 8-11,
  • Large (sock size 13-15) Fits men shoe size 11+

Special Note: Knit from natural and dyed alpaca yarn. Yarn is processed using state of the art technology with respect for the environment.  The alpaca motif color can vary depending on the lot of socks.

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