100% Alpaca – Hand knitted Beret

$ 22.50

Warm and natural with style! 100% Alpaca hand-knitted Berets are from the Andes Highlands. Made of 100% alpaca, they test the felling of the wonderful and soft alpaca fiber at a very affordable price! Sized to fit an average head, berets can be worn loosely above the ears or over the ears depending on the look you prefer. The colors that combine to form typical motifs are 100% natural (no dyes).


This is a rustic product, handspun and hand knitted. Because of the individual hand work and artistry required for each of these products, it is not possible to offer consistency in the sizes, shape, colors and depicted figures they carry-each hat carries it’s own personal pattern. (Please select color according to the preferred dominant color.) Please feel free to contact me to ensure you receive your desired product.


 Special Note: Cold water wash. Lay flat to dry.

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