Alpaca Blend “Camargo” Scarf

$ 23.00

Our best selling, modestly priced scarf! Made by Camargo, this scarf is an excellent example of what can be done with alpaca fiber and how can it be blended with other fibers.

The woven alpaca is hand-cut and machine sewn by experienced Andean seamstresses. The alpaca fiber is blended and spun with a high-quality fine acrylic in order to produce a woven textile that is lightweight, very warm, and durable.

The scarf is finished with hand-crocheted borders and a fringe, along with a brushed finish and small Camargo alpaca logo. This scarf may be worn for daily use or special occasions.   Available in a large array of colors. Unisex.  


Special Note: For best results, wash by hand or dry-clean. Avoid machine drying. For additional color requests, contact us by e-mail at or phone at 267-421-1172.

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