About Us

The history of our farm dates back four generations to 1935 when it was originally a dairy and crop farm. As time progressed, the decision was made in 1991 to sell the dairy herd and continue to farm approximately 400 acres of land. In 2002, our family decided to found Graceful Glen Alpacas, LLC and began the alpaca farm with only three alpacas. In the upcoming years, our business focused on creating a herd of superior animals by selectively breeding our herd and introducing new bloodlines. Currently, our business continues to improve the quality of our alpaca herd numbering fifty animals, while offering high quality alpaca products to our surrounding community.


Grace, peacefulness and generosity of spirit are words that came to mind when we named and established Graceful Glen Alpacas, LLC. Our garment shop is located in the midst of the original homestead and among shimmering fields of corn, wheat, soy, hay and our entire herd of colorful alpacas.  We are a family oriented business that encourages visitors to feel welcome and we are passionate to share our knowledge in the growing alpaca business. We welcome various school, church, retirement, and club organizations to our farm for field trips, tours, and learning experiences. We take pride in giving back to the community that has given so much to us.


Why alpacas?  Alpacas are clean, quiet, inquisitive, gentle animals that are trainable and adaptable to many environments.  They are a joy to be around and offer excellent investment options.  Their fleece, also known as fiber, is soft, durable and a true insulator, naturally enabling optimum temperature control and comfort.